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Social media has influenced how we like to absorb information and the keywords to remember are short, brief, to the point - keep this in mind for your resume and cover letter....

Career Tips
If you aren't 100% sure if you should make the move to Hawaii, probably these cool weather maps will make your decision a bit easier. Honolulu shows 359 days per year with awesome summer weather. 
Moving to Oahu from most places is certainly a change of pace. Cities like New York and Chicago couldn’t be any more different than black is to white. One thing you’re gaining moving to Hawaii is temperate weather all year round. You’ll never have to shovel a driveway, scrape your car, wear five layers of gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets before leaving the house, have a snow day, or be depressed due to cloudy rainy spring weather. You won’t have to cram in all your golf or trips to the beach into three months because even in the winter Hawaii changes about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit from... read entire article
Hawaii Writing Jobs & Journalism Employment - Change Is Here.
There is some truth to the feeling that journalism jobs in Hawaii and elsewhere are getting harder to find. People have been talking for some time about the decline in traditional news outlets, especially newspapers, with the rise of the digital age. That is happening locally and nationally, not question. What you should pay attention to, though, is where the prospects are rising due to those very same changes. The Internet and other digital channels are now creating new markets for these talents. They need writers, too. This is where the shift is happening from journalism to what are known as media jobs in Hawaii.... read entire article
Hawaii Spa Employment, Beauty Jobs: Looking Very, Very Good.
It's not just the customers of this sector that should be feeling good about themselves, so should the people who provide the services. Why? Because the state Department of Labor says that the Hawaii salon job opportunities will be excellent for the years leading up to 2020. Curious about what your future looks like in Cosmetologist jobs in Hawaii? No need to worry. Though they are grouped together with Hairdressers & Hairstylists for counting purposes, there's nothing wrong with their future. This trio makes up one of Hawaii's “Top 10 Most Annual Openings”. In other words, postings that need filling.... read entire article
Hawaii Publishing Careers, Print Jobs Have Bright Spots in Digital Age.
Print and publishing is undergoing a transformation that's been affecting the industry(s) for some time. The emergence of the Internet and digital delivery formats has chipped away at the employee numbers here. The news isn't all bad, though. Publishing jobs are showing a turnaround in recent years (See Slate Magazine link at end) that has restored some of the losses. The old heights will not be reached, at least in the traditional publishing employment in Hawaii and the rest of the US, but we are in a better place thana few years ago. An even better sign - it appears that average publishing salaries are actually going... read entire article
Hawaii Biotech Jobs, Science Careers Waiting For the Right People
If you're searching through this section, you should probably have, or be in the process of getting, a college degree. The postings here generally fall under 2 columns. Let's look at the first one. The first column is Teaching. We're talking about not only actual instruction situations, but education-related work. That could take in Teacher's Assistants, Lecturers and even some Museum personnel. For many the best biology or chemistry jobs in Hawaii are at the front of a class. It's where they shine. The second column is Research. All of the R&D jobs obviously fall in here. They spend all their time in the lab,... read entire article