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Compensation: $12.00/hr with $0.25 increases every 6 mos.

Apr 23
Apr 22

Compensation: Generous compensation and benefits package

Apr 22
Part-time/Temp and Full-time/Temp

Compensation: $8-9 per hour

Apr 22
Part-time/Temp and Full-time/Temp

Compensation: $8.00-$9.00/hour

Apr 22
Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: $20.00/hour + License Pay + Experience

Apr 21

Compensation: starting pay at $10.00/hour

Apr 21

Compensation: $9.00/hr starting pay depending on experience

Apr 17

Compensation: Hourly wage, non-tipped position

Apr 16

Compensation: not specified

Apr 2

Hawaii Airline Jobs & Aviation Careers Surge

The same activity that's driving an upsurge in land transportation locally is obviously extending to the air as well. As a whole, Air Transportation jobs are expected to surge by 26% at the end of this decade, 2020. This is one area where Oahu is surpassed by the neighbor Islands, which will surpass that level to even greater heights.

Pilot positions, which includes Hawaii Co-Pilot & Flight Engineers jobs, will actually be one of the Fastest Growing Occupations here by percentage – 28% to be exact. Commercial pilots benefit the most from this, with a mark of 32% growth within their slice of that pie. In flat terms, that is 180 seats being added during this time to the totals now.

All Areas of Aviation Jobs Growing

The view is just as good outside the cabin for airline jobs in Hawaii. Flight Attendant employment will be go up with a projected 390 more slots during that same time. Those easily make it one of the Islands' “Top 10 Growth Occupations Requiring a High School Diploma/Equivalent”.

Prefer to stay on the ground? Aircraft Mechanic jobs in Hawaii will be 13% more plentiful in future years. This, like other non-flying careers, will have greater relative growth on Maui and the Big Island where tourism and population are rising the most.

It's clear that tourism, air cargo and other factors are pushing aviation to greater demand. That demand requires qualified applicants to make the planes run, from the engines to the luggage and into the passenger cabin. Airport jobs in Hawaii are definitely taking off.

Ready to take on a Flight Instructor job in Hawaii? Or one of the other many aviation jobs for Oahu, Maui or the Big Island? Hawaii Job Engine is here to help you. 

Complete Salary Ranges for Aviation Related Jobs

Hawaii Automotive Jobs, Driving Positions Have Smooth Road Ahead

This category takes in a lot, from operating of vehicles to the repairs. One thing is clear is that there is always a need for people who can do these things well. The crystal ball is a little fuzzy for some areas. General auto repair jobs in Hawaii, for example, are put under the heading 'Maintenance & Repair' with a lot of other occupations in the state's 10 Year Employment Forecasts (2010-2020). What we do know is that this heading is on the list of where the most growth will be seen on almost every Island.

Luckily there is data that gets more specific if we dive deeper. Automotive Body and Repair positions in Hawaii are set to grow by over 15%, with general Car Service Technicians have about 11% more slots to look forward to by 2020. That's what you want to see when you're choosing a long-term career. That's not where the best numbers are, though, under the 'Hawaii Auto Job Listings' category. Believe it or not, one of the breakout occupations is School Bus Drivers, on Maui & the Big Island most of all. Their growing population means more children and more students who need to get to class. It is one of the Top 20 Growing Occupations on both of those Islands for this decade. Elsewhere, it's Truck Driver jobs on Kauai that makes their Top 20 list. That includes light and delivery drivers.

This is surely another statewide trend, but we run into the same problem as the Auto Mechanics. The State level lumps everything related under 'Transportation & Material Moving'. However, the growing economic activity means tires on the road and those truck and cars will need drivers and the periodic fixing as well.

You can find these jobs right her on Hawaii Job Engine. Ready to dive in and make a change? We've always got auto jobs in Honolulu and frequently truck driving jobs in Hawaii ready to be filled. Plus a wide variety of other Auto Jobs Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Big Island. That includes Hawaii auto mechanic postings here just waiting for you to check them out. Why wait? Start looking now!


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