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Compensation: Up to $14/hour, depending on experience

Aug 28
Part-time and Part-time/Temp

Compensation: $14.00 / Hour

Aug 26

Compensation: not specified

Aug 19

Compensation: Minimum salary of 35,000 per year with bonus incentives

Aug 19

Compensation: $14-16 per hour + mileage for driving

Aug 18

Compensation: $14 per hour plus $4.27 Health & Welfare allowance

Aug 17

Compensation: not specified

Aug 17
Aug 11

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Aug 5
Aug 5
Aug 5

Facility & Construction Employment Ready to Grow Again

Construction has seen some difficult times in recent years. Despite the seemingly ever marching development of the Islands, the overall picture for construction hasn't been the best. That's why it's satisfying to say that that is changing. By a lot.

Hawaii's Department of Labor's 10 year projections (2010 – 2020) sees a 27% soaring in construction jobs overall. With those kinds of numbers, we should be putting a lot of people to work for some time. Here's a sample of the Labor study's projected gains:

Construction Project Superintendents & Managers – +17% , which means 420 more jobs there

Construction Supervisors - +20%, adding 540 more openings across the State

Construction Trades Workers – almost 5,000 new positions to be added by 2020

The best opportunities for construction superintendent jobs are on Maui & the Big Island, where build up is taking off most. That applies to most other careers in this category as well.

Facility & Maintenance Employment in Hawaii

Facility maintenance has some things to celebrate as well. Landscaping & groundskeeping jobs in Hawaii will continue to see their numbers mount, probably by 200 or more during this period. The one fly in the ointment is that the Janitorial segment will not be on the positive side of these statistics. Their totals will be flat.

If you're in that line of work, this may be the time to pick up some skills. General repair and maintenance jobs in Hawaii will be greater in number by 880 in 2020. That could be a way to make changes that keep you in demand.

There's no need to wait to get the benefits of these findings. You can find a posting that fits you perfectly right now. Construction project manager in Hawaii? Maybe a groundskeeper job on the Big Island? We're in the business of finding and providing the best listings in Hawaii and we're sure we've got the right one for you.