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Mechanic & Electrician Jobs in Hawaii.

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Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: not specified

Oct 20

Compensation: $25 to $35 per hour or more depending on experience; Excellent benefit package

Oct 13

Compensation: Hourly, based on experience

Oct 11
Oct 10
Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: Pay ranges from $9/hr to $11/hr

Sep 29

Mechanical & Electrical Jobs in Hawaii Will Get a Jolt!

All those computers, appliances and gaming systems need one important ingredient – electricity. That's probably why this is a skill area that will see definite swelling in numbers. Those Hawaii Mechanical jobs, particularly Repair & Maintenance, are on the rise, too. 
Let's look closer at the Electrical area first. We should see at least 340 additional Electrical jobs in Hawaii. The number grows if you include professionals in related areas who need some of the same skill, such as those who work with relay stations and other power sources statewide. Electricians have a special edge here with the growth in Hawaii Construction jobs that's happening as well.

Mechanical Jobs Outlook Doesn't Need Fixing

Mechanical positions in Hawaii are going to experience the same positive conditions. The repair and maintenance segment of that category are expected to pile on 540 more slots for those with the skills to take on the work. In fact, the State's projections for the years up to 2020 state that Mechanical jobs on Maui will be one of the Top 10 with Most Annual Openings. That's opportunity.
They'll be needed everywhere else to, where the Department of Labor predicts a Big Island Mechanical jobs jump of 13%. Kauai Mechanical positions won't be far behind with 11% more added. They don't need things fixed only in Honolulu!
Those statistics don't include specialties such as Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician employment in Hawaii. If you do installation and repair of these machines, you will be living in the same upward draft. So there's even more out there expecting growth.
Your successful employment search starts right here. Looking for Electrical Engineering jobs in Hawaii? Maintenance jobs on Maui or Oahu? You've found them! Hawaii Job Engine is ready to match you to the right workplace.
Electrical Engineer Career Trends & Outlook