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Full-time and Other

Compensation: $15.45/hr

Jun 26

Compensation: $8.21 + gratuities

Jun 26

Compensation: $8.73 and banquet gratuities

Jun 26

Compensation: $13-$16/Hr DOE

Jun 24
Part-time/Temp and Other

Compensation: 19.92

Jun 24

Compensation: Hourly Draw vs Commission and Bonuses

Jun 23
Jun 22
Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: not specified

Jun 22
Jun 22

Compensation: $12.40/$15.00 hr. + commission

Jun 21
Jun 21
Jun 21
Jun 21
Jun 21

Compensation: $12.40/$15.00 + commissions

Jun 21

Hawaii Hospitality Jobs Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Jobs in Hawaii's hospitality sector are closely linked to the tourism industry. In fact, the line dividing them sometimes disappears in certain cases. The strength of our visitor industry clearly points to the fact that hospitality will have that same power behind it. A better endorsement would be difficult to find for those seeking a stable career area.

Frankly, there's no one type of position here. We're talking about everything from sales & reservation agents on to those who take care of the daily needs for those visiting the Islands. So you'll find chef jobs in Hawaii, housekeeper jobs on the Big Island, kitchen manager positions on Oahu or even maintenance engineer postings in Maui. Those visitors also need entertainment, so you might be right for an event planning opening in a Hawaii hotel. A broad range of skills are needed so there's definitely a place that fits you.

One important skill that's being sought here is the ability to speak to foreign visitors who may not know English. If you know Japanese or Chinese (Mandarin), there are bilingual jobs in Hawaii that need your abilities. As Asian tourism expands, you may become more and more valuable due to this one capability.

An Industry That Grows In Many Ways

This is one of the great advantages of this industry. It creates new jobs quickly to satisfy a demand that it sees. Bilingual employees, activities & services aimed at kids and even aloha ambassadors are just a few examples of areas that were instituted relatively recently.

You'll want to look at our Hawaii Tourism jobs and Hotel job listings as well for related openings. Nothing like having the most options possible in your search. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here. Hospitality jobs on the Big Island, Maui or anywhere else are all on Hawaii Job Engine. 

Hawaii Resort Careers, Hotel Openings Going Up, Up, Up

Getting into hotel jobs in Hawaii can be the start of a long term, even lifelong, career. It's the King of the local economy and that status won't change any time soon. This is one part of the economy that was actually hiring additional workers during the recent recessionary years. Not just in the Islands, either. This was true nationwide.

One of the reasons for the broad opportunity in Hawaii hotel jobs is that they are, in many cases, self-contained communities. They have similar needs as a city or town in some ways. You'll find here jobs for security personnel, maintenance positions to keep the infrastructure working right and employment for cooks and servers to feed the temporary residents. Plus there's Hawaii hotel management jobs so they have someone always keeping a watchful eye on things. There's room and need for your talents, whatever they may be.

There's almost much to smile about outside Oahu. The hotel jobs on Maui as well as the other outer islands are expected to grow at a faster rate than the hotel jobs in Honolulu. It's a sign of the development going on across the entire State as well as the building desire of tourists to stay in places beyond Waikiki. That desire won't be dropping soon, either.

As you can imagine, the biggest demand for this category will be in housekeeping & desk clerk jobs in Hawaii. Those are entry-level, but, with the pronounced upward mobility of these businesses, you can quickly move up the ladder. It is not unusual for upper management to have come from these levels, learning along the way.

If you're ready to join the workforce, you're on the right site. Do look at our tourism jobs and hospitality jobs as well for more options out there.

Hotel employment in Hawaii is calling for you. Want to be in a hotel kitchen manager job on Big Island or Maui? Hold a front desk position in Honolulu? Hawaii Job Engine has been putting people to work through solid local job listings since 2012. We hope you will find your dream job today.