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Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Oct 27
Oct 27

Compensation: $35K-$45K/year, commensurate with experience

Oct 25
Oct 25
Oct 17

Compensation: not specified

Oct 14

Compensation: Compensation discussed during the interview process

Oct 13

Hawaii Human Resources Careers Show Need for Change; Recruiting Jobs & Staffing Openings Stable

There really are 2 sides to this career area. One, which involves Hawaii staffing careers, is for people who find qualified candidates for currently empty seats in a company. The other, which we come under personnel jobs for Hawaii businesses, deal on a daily basis with the just about everything involving benefits, pay, compensation and even training once someone becomes an employee.

There are distinct trends happening in human resources, both locally and across the US. Generally it's seeing a small decline in recent years, often due to outsourcing of routine tasks such as payroll processing. This is affecting HR Assistants most of all. Others are doing better, however.

For one, HR specialist jobs in Hawaii are going up. Despite that outsourcing, businesses still need people with specialized knowledge on benefits & payroll to manage them as the plans and tax situations change more and more often. They serve as the point person for different aspects of employee packages to keep the interests of both the company and the staff protected.

Recruiting jobs across Maui, the Big Island and Oahu are all projected to increase, not only now, but for the next few years at least. The importance of getting the right people in place can save companies a lot of money. The first step to that is getting the right people into the staffing careers in Hawaii.

You'll notice that a lot of HR seats are in hospitality jobs in Hawaii. With such large staffs and so many businesses centered on this industry, it only makes sense. Don't forget to check out their listings as well.

Now it's time to get you into the right place. You'll find HR jobs on Oahu, Maui & the Big Island right here, awaiting your resume. With the right experience and skills you could be sitting in a new office chair very soon. Let Hawaii Job Engine match you up today! 


Overview of Human Resources Careers