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Compensation: Based on Experience

Oct 24

Compensation: $15.86 an hour + comprehensive benefits package

Oct 21

Compensation: 16 BA 18 MA

Oct 19
Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: not specified

Oct 19
Full-time and Part-time

Compensation: $26/28

Oct 19

Hawaii Non-Profit Positions, Social Services Jobs Need Filling

Social services, to many, means government jobs in Hawaii. That's a huge misconception. Like non-profit work, there are numerous social workers who serve the public and clients in places like hospitals, charities and schools. They have the same focus as their brothers and sisters in the public sector, which is guiding people through difficulties and helping them get the services they're entitled to as well. Is there a real job future here, though?
There definitely is. Across the US, these positions are projected to expand by 25% or more before 2020 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Social services careers in Hawaii are on the same track. All segments of this category will see significant upswings, though the greatest gains will be for Medical & Public Health Social Workers. They'll have one of the biggest job growth percentages in the State in the time up to 2020. Something to think about if you're at a career crossroads.
Hawaii Non-Profit jobs have opportunities for you as well. Like businesses, they require support staff and 'sales' positions. In this case, the sale is advocacy for their cause or purpose. When you can find a job that centers on something you believe in, that can be very powerful. It can give you a greater purpose for going to work each day. That's what makes these positions stand out from others.
Many believe that working in this sector means taking a low salary. That's not always the case, especially if you have skills in key areas such as fundraising, grant writing and finance. These are the lifeblood of many non-profits, so they can be more competitive with the salaries and compensation for these positions. 
Social services employment in Hawaii, as well as non-profit positions, are listed here right now, looking for someone like you. There's social services jobs in Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island posted as you read this. With the skills & training needed, you could be filling one of those tomorrow. Here at Hawaii Job Engine, we want to put you to work!
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